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Employment law can be in-depth and time consuming to interpret, and therefore our service offers a pragmatic, simplistic approach to this by firstly understanding your business. Together we can work on the issue that you need to resolve and help you to turn legislation into achievable working practice and solutions.  We can ensure that you apply the right process and legislation applicable to the circumstances.

Have you got an employee who is frequently late?

Has an employee informed you that they feel they are being bullied?

Have you received a formal request for an employee to reduce their hours?

Are you concernced about the use of social media?

Our services include

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Employment Law & Best Practice HR Advice

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Performance Management

Employement Disputes

Employee Relations

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Employee Engagement & Communication

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Contracts of Employment, HR Policies & Procedures

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Restructuring & Making Changes

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Coaching, Learning & Development

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Recruitment & Selection