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Employement Disputes


There are situations where it is necessary to follow a disciplinary process where there has been a breach of conduct or unsatisfactory performance. Formal action is often a necessary step but we recognise that many businesses and Line Managers may not have faced these situations before.  We provide advice, letter writing, policy development and onsite support in the following areas:

  • Producing a disciplinary procedure
  • Investigations
  • Disciplinary process & hearing
  • Appeal Hearings
  • Producing all associated letters and correspondence with investigations and disciplinaries 
  • Working together to minimise your risk and exposure in situations
  • Administrative service for minute taking


Conflict at work is sometimes unavoidable and it can present itself in different ways. The root cause could be as a result of unfair treatment, a breakdown in communication, a relationship issue, lack of training, or an unrealistic workload as examples of conflict at work.

If an employee raises a complaint or grievance we can provide support in:

  • Implementing or reviewing your grievance procedure
  • Managing grievance procedures for you
  • Mediation
  • Dispute resolutions
  • Producing all associated letters and correspondence

Managing Attendance

Attendance issues can present themselves in many different ways and whilst we traditionally think of attendance being related to sickness, there are a wide range of other reasons resulting in employee’s requiring time off from work.  We can confidently and fully support attendance management and here are some examples on how we can help you maintain a healthy business:

  • Dealing with an unsatisfactory attendance record
  • Measuring & monitoring attendance
  • Supporting an employee with a serious/long term illness
  • Obtaining medical information & occupational health services
  • Designing policies on attendance, compassionate leave, parental leave, maternity leave, holiday & many more.

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