Just lately I have found myself spinning more emotional plates than I generally prefer. They are plates that I’ve inherited or were unexpected. The phrase “it all comes at once” springs to mind.

I have been reflecting on my fight-flight response in recent weeks. Defined as the physiological reaction that occurs in the presence of something that is terrifying, either mentally or physically. 

My fight-flight response is a rush of adrenaline which lasts for days or weeks. I become very focused on work (probably a distraction) and when I’m in this zone I am capable of producing my best results. It’s a time I either change things up or I try new things which I find slightly bizarre and contradictory when I’ve got a lot going on already!

It’s quite literally like I’m surfing on adrenaline. I’m smashing the to do list and pushing myself to achieve new goals. No doubt the swell will die down and I’ll need a big sleep up soon but for now I’ll capitalise on this energy. 

In recent weeks, this wave of energy has kick started a new light hearted business (not HR) now launched and inspired some courage for blogging. 

The HR Heart-Led approach is my new blog title and I will take something that is happening to me now or from my past. I’ll spin the HR perspective on it and add a dose of reality. For those who know me well you will know that I’m a secret squirrel so revealing a bit more Claire feels slightly scary right now. So look out for confessions thoughts and observations of a HR mind – and feedback always welcome!

Some plates are too personal to talk about and at this time are not up for publication. One of those spinning plates is my lovely grandad who is in hospital at this time. He is called Bernard Matthews and he has dined out on this semi-celebrity status the majority of his life. No doubt trying that line on the doctors and nurses right now! Sending big love to Bernard and keep smiling (he always says that to me).

In the next few weeks I’m ready to blog about Toy Story 4, volunteering & peer group pressure!

HR Heard-Led coming soon!

One thought on “HR Heart-Led: Surfing on Adrenaline

  1. Interesting diversification for you which will probably change overall perspective; remember variety is the spice of life!

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